Bushmans Trail – Kruger National Park

 Encounter elephant on foot in the heart of the Kruger Nartional Park.

Encounter elephant on foot in the heart of the Kruger Nartional Park.

Starting at Berg-en-Dal with only 8 guests per trail you will be walking in the bush for 2 days over 3 nights.

The broken terrain is ideal for unusually safe, close encounters with big game. The heavy presence of elephant and rhino has resulted in a well marked network of natural game paths that allows for structured and comfortable walks.

Night sounds are unique, freckled night jars, spotted eagle owls, hyena whooping as lions roar in the distance. White rhino are plentiful and typical to the terrain are antelope species like kudu, klipspringer and mountain reedbuck.

Plant life is very diverse, especially in the higher lying areas – this area is also classified as a botanical reserve within the Kruger National Park where trees unique only to this area occur.  The high altitude of the area accounts for unusual bird sightings from time to time including red-throated wryneck and jackal buzzard.

Bushman paintings are a big attraction as well as other cultural and historical sites. Trips to these sites are a regular feature of the trail routine, the aim of which is to educate trailists on San (Bushman) culture and their art. The camp is uniquely hidden between a series of massive granite kopjes providing a very pleasant atmosphere.

Meals are prepared for you over an open fire or gas stove in natural, rustic surroundings while you sit back and enjoy the scenery.

You will need comfortable clothing in neutral colours, comfortable footwear, a camera, binoculars, sunscreen, hat and malaria medication.

For a more detailed itinerary on the Bushmans Trail in the Kruger National Park and what other necessities to take along contact our Reservations Team res@africansafariexperts.com