About African Safari Experts and Pierre Pitlo


I started my guiding career as a Walking Guide. I had always known that my life would involve two things – helicopters and wildlife.

After training on helicopters for a while and then running out of money I set my sights on becoming a walking guide. I had always had an intense curiosity for the bush and her wildlife. I would see a path leading off into the bush and would always wonder where it led to and what animals I would see.

about africa safari, About, African Safari Experts

The idea of walking through the bush with just your wits to protect yourself was immensely exciting. Revealing the myriad intricacies of nature, interpreting the smallest details for city folks gave me intense pleasure. Seeing the wonder in the faces of guests who had never imagined that a small plant could be so powerful as to cure a disease, why animals always graze moving upwind, how plants will communicate via pheromones and how the smallest are so mysteriously connected to the biggest.

Some of the most incredible moments have been spent walking the bush, discovering and interacting with the animals and educating guests on what they are seeing.

25 years of guiding and working in world class lodges all over Africa led to the creation of African Safari Experts. We have been there and done it, for decades. Most agents spend 24 hours in a lodge and return to their desk and sell it as if they know it. We have spent months there, know the area, each individual staff member and the area and animals intimately.

We know Africa

Whether you join us for an adventurous 4X4 safari into the most remote bush locations Africa has to offer or you simply would like us to make all the arrangements for your safari – we will be there every step of the way.

African Safari Experts began with the intense desire to share Africa and all her mysteries. I thrive on a challenge, I love the planning and organizing that is required, I absolutely love exceeding my guests expectations, of redefining the concept of “excellent customer service” and creating truly exceptional safari experiences is what I strive for with each and every guest we help.

We work with selected lodges where I know my guests will get exactly what I have promised, where they will enjoy the same level of service I strive for every day. We are very careful to find out what you want from your safari to Africa and then combine your dream with lodges and experiences that deliver on that.

African Safari Experts is a small team, we’re not a corporation that will just book your safari and leave you to it. We want you to have more than what you paid for and more than you expected from your safari. Its an ethos of delivering and exceeding expectations.

about africa safari, About, African Safari Experts