African Safari Experts


African Safari Experts grew from a dream, a passion for animals and a deep love of Africa. Pierre has spent more than 25 years travelling Africa and after many overland tours from Nairobi to Cape Town, spending many thousands of hours as a walking guide and managing some of the most famous and luxurious lodges in Africa, the desire to share these experiences with people was born.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”


We know Africa

With decades of experience we are able to offer our guests the best advice for their dream African safari. We have spent years in the bush, travelled all over, explored the very best each country has to offer and now present our expert selection of lodges and destinations we know will fulfil your dreams.

Whether you join us for an adventurous 4X4 safari into wild and remote bush, or you simply would like us to make all the arrangements for your safari – we will be there every step of the way.


Nothing can substitute experience.


African Safari Experts began with the intense desire to share Africa and all her mysteries. I thrive on a challenge, I love the planning and organizing that is required, I absolutely love exceeding my guests expectations, of redefining the concept of “excellent customer service” and creating truly exceptional safari experiences is what I strive for with each and every guest we help. Pierre likes to deal with people, form strong bonds of friendship, loyalty, respect and absolute dedication to great customer service.


These are our core values.

We believe in kindness.

African Safari Experts is a family owned business. We’ve been operating since 2006 and in that short time we have established ourselves as delivering exceptional service and experiences to our clients.

Based in the coastal town of Hermanus, close to Cape Town, we work with selected lodges where I know my guests will get exactly what I have promised, where they will enjoy the same level of service I strive for every day. We are very careful to find out what you want from your safari to Africa and then combine your dream with lodges and experiences that deliver on that.

African Safari Experts is a small team, we’re not a corporation that will just book your safari and leave you to it. We want you to have more than what you paid for and more than you expected from your safari. It’s an ethos of delivering and exceeding expectations.

Pierre is an accredited safari and city guide. He holds numerous qualifications in business and the safari guiding industry as well as receiving commendations for his outstanding customer service in all the industries he has worked.

Pierre has travelled and worked in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He now lives in Hermanus with his companion, Rafiki – the Jack Russell.