Kenya tours and packages

Kenya is a country rich in wildlife, culture, history and friendly, welcoming people. Kenya is geographically diverse, from snow-capped mountain peaks to extensive forests to wide-open plains.

Kenya tours and packages

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Large predators and mammals are just part of the landscape in Kenya, East Africa’s favourite safari destination. More than 40 national parks and nature reserves are scattered between Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, covering every imaginable landscape and featuring just about every animal in Africa from aardvarks to zebras.

Kenya’s location

Kenya lies in East Africa. Her incredible diversity is attributed to the fact that the country has a coastline on the Indian Ocean as well as have part of the Great East African Rift Valley running through it. Kenya shares borders with Ethiopia and South Sudan to the North, Somalia to the East, Uganda to the West and Tanzania to the South.

An Elephant standing next to a river with its trunk in its mouth


Straddling the Equator and stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Great Rift Valley, Kenya is a country of incredibly rich diversity and natural beauty. The grasslands, forests, high plains, mountain slopes and semi deserts provide an amazing rage of habitats for an equally amazing diversity of animals and plant life. 

Most safaris in Kenya are “fly in” and based on short flights in light aircraft from one camp to another. This is by far the easiest way to see as much of the country as possible on your holiday.

Most people start their journey in Nairobi and then begin exploring along the sun-kissed Kenyan coast, Serengeti, Masai Mara or around the Great Rift Valley. Whether you pick the interior or the coast, with its beach resorts and Islamic ruins, you can be sure to find a national park or reserve close at hand – Nairobi even has a national park within the city limits, with zebras and giraffes just a stone’s throw from the suburbs.

Kenya is also a great place for cultural encounters, with more than 40 different tribal groups, each following its own unique way of life. The semi-nomadic Maasai, with their multi-coloured, bead-covered adornments, are perhaps the most obvious group, but visiting any tribal village is a fascinating and enlightening experience.


Kenya Tours and Packages

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Standard Kenya 

Our most popular range of tours and packages. Mainly due to the stunning locations and tour extras. With lots of mid-range packages on offer, it can be hard to know which one is right for you, so why not get in touch and ask us a few questions.

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Luxury Kenya 

Experience Africa in absolute luxury. From award-winning accommodation to tours led by zoologists with years of experience. Our luxury packages are put together to showcase the finest accommodation Africa has to offer. Contact us for a range of decadent lodges and camps that will pamper you to your hearts content. If you are after luxury, look at Angama Mara.