Your first safari in Africa will be an exciting one, of that you can be sure! If you are looking to embark on your first adventure to Africa it’s best to ask an expert. The countries and locations are literally endless so it’s no surprise if you find yourself in a bit of a quandry.

It really boils down to “what do you want from your safari to Africa?”. Once you have a good idea of this answer you can start looking at which country will fill this desire. Asking an experienced agent for options is always a good idea. Their experience should be vast and intimate to almost every corner of Africa and her special places.

The service at African Safari Experts is totally unique and you will be in safe hands. Experts in our field, we have either been to or worked at many, if not all of the properties we recommend to you – if one of us hasn’t, we will hand you over to someone else within our team who can speak in great detail about the area and camps in question.

South Africa is the perfect place for first time safari goers. The weather is very steady almost all year round, there is a near limitless choice with locations such as combining the coast, the city, the winelands and stunningly diverse ecosystems for the safari element in supremely luxurious style. For those worried about being that tiny bit too close to the wild, the majority of properties within South Africa are very modern, with en suite bathrooms, running water, flushing loos and very comfortable beds, air conditioning and if that isn’t enough, delicious food is served almost continuously.

If you are more adventurous and enjoy the wilder places Africa has to offer, let African Safari Experts present some refreshing ideas of camps and lodges. We cover all of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia and we are sure to find somewhere that will fit your wishes for the perfect African safari. For gorilla treks we have partnered with some incredible lodges in Uganda.

African Safari Experts are not the cheapest out there, of that we can assure you. Our philosophy is simple … “Exceptional Safari Experiences”. And most often quality is slightly more expensive. We only partner with lodges and organizations that we know for 100% certainty will deliver the type of service we consider to be a minimum standard – absolutely excellent! Your holiday will be seamless with us, we are in touch and available every step of the way while you bask in Africa and her beauty.

Within the vastness of South Africa getting around is easy. If you’re someone who wants to explore the wilder parts of Africa there is an excellent network of light aircraft that will get you from one lodge to another. Most are reliable but there is always an uncertain element – this is where a safari designer comes into their element. African Safari Experts have been travelling in Africa for more than 30 years, we know what’s good and what’s not.

We are also passionate about matching your desires with places, properties and experiences that will deliver on your expectations. We provide 24 hour support to all our guests no matter where you are. We have an extensive network of partner organizations that will look after you every step of the way allowing you to sit back and enjoy it all.

Get in touch with us today for a unique and memorable safari in Africa.