Have you always dreamed of owning your own lodge in Africa? If so, now is the perfect time to make that dream come true. To find the perfect Zambezi River island lodge for sale is not easy, especially in Africa and if you’re not familiar with the in’s and out’s of the country and her laws then it can be a tricky business.

Pierre has over 25 years experience of living and working in safari lodge’s all over Africa. He has built them, maintained them and renovated numerous lodges in some of the most trying conditions imaginable.

There are a thousand different questions that need to be asked before one starts investigating this venture but the most important one is, “how safe is my investment?”. In some African countries the answer is not at all. In Botswana the starting price is going to be in the tens of millions, in Namibia the most challenging is access. In South Africa, you will be buying a fenced zoo with hundreds of similar operations making competition stiff.

The one country that is up and coming in tourism is Zambia. This is a country where Pierre has extensive experience and has done many hours of research into the laws, tourism projections, competition and viability of buying a safari lodge. One that has always captivated his attention lies a mere 40 minutes from Livingstone. Set on the banks of the Zambezi River the lodge has incredible potential for a turn key operation and a profitable exit strategy over 5 years.

Pierre has compiled a business plan for this lodge over more than 100 pages detailing every aspect from purchase to exit. At present the lodge is functioning but not profitable and the owners are very negotiable in their asking price. The lodge will require a complete renovation of guest accommodation, boats, vehicles and accessibility. The strategy will be to remodel the lodge into a boutique style of accommodation with an increase in price per night as well as a confident marketing strategy to increase the properties global visibility. The aim will be towards a year round 70% occupancy.

The lodge has many activities to offer guests from fishing to sunset cruises, day trips to Victoria Falls, cultural excursions and much more. The land itself is on a 99 year lease that can be extended and not PTO or Permission To Occupy. The local chief of the area is also very amenable to an extension to the lease and extending the land presently being utilized by the lodge.

Present asking price is $1.5 million – negotiable. A minimum of $2.5 million in total will be required for the complete renovation of the property and ensure the profitable sale at the end of the business venture. This is a Zambezi River island lodge for sale that you don’t want to miss out on.

If this is something that would interest you then get in touch with Pierre to discuss this opportunity further. For more information on Zambia visit Zambia Tourism.

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